Fotografie - (C) Tomáš Fencl
Fotografie - (C) Tomáš Fencl
Fotografie - (C) Tomáš Fencl
Fotografie - (C) Tomáš Fencl
Fotografie - (C) Tomáš Fencl
Fotografie - (C) Tomáš Fencl
Fotografie - (C) Tomáš Fencl

Portrait and wedding photography

Nowadays it may seem that the classical photographer is no longer needed. Everyone can take photos using a mobile phone and extended use of better and better applications slowly displaces the common human look from photographs. People then stop seeing the natural beauty of a human face. I have heard many times from the portraited people there is nothing special about me. But peoples's faces with their joy, trouble, beauty of the youth or experience of higher ages, they are the most special beauty.

I photograph ordinary people. I do not force my clients into complicated poses or styles - these do not create beauty. I can see the beauty when the character of the portraited person peeks out of the photograph. This is the less obvious but eternal beauty. And the biggest reward for me is when the client starts seeing it in the portrait too. Sometimes the beauty he was so reluctant to see before. My job is to help you to discover it.

I will be glad to see you in my studio

Tomáš Fencl


I capture the memories of your wedding day, the official and the less official moments will remain in the photos so that you can recall them after years.

Original individual or family portraits with professional lighning.
I will be glad to shoot them with you in my studio or at your Chateu.

Your business presentation deserves a quality photography.
I shoot business portrais of individuals or teams to make your company presentations, employee profiles or annual reports look grand.

Are you planning a grand opening of your exhibition, have concert or a Christmas party. I can create a professional photographic record of your event.

A little about me

I do photography more than thirty years, most of my life. When I was ten I received my first truly fullframe camera from my dad (still have it) and since than I was living with a camera. I have inherited a darkroom equipment from my gradpa and the blending chemicals I bought from a college student budget became an adventure with quite fuzzy outcomes. I am no longer cutting bulk-roll film into cartridges, I went fully digital. But during my work on the computer I still pay a full attention to every frame I develop to make it beautiful.

For many years I was shooting amateur pictures on film, then digitally. I started with family photos and travel memories - simply because I love travelling and my family. Eventually it was the photoshooting of my kids that gave me the kick to become a semi-pro and then a professional photographer. My inner drive for better and nicer pictures brought me to evening courses. And after many steps and trials I started to shoot professionally.

Through photos of hockeyball matches and various events I landed in the beautiful area of portraits. Before I dived into its mysteries, I thought that studio work was boring. I could not have been more wrong - constant interaction with people, capturing their expression makes every studio session unique and a new adventure.

I am not living only off portraits, I also shoot weddings. Every wedding photoshoot seems like a rollercoaster to me. My feet are not trembling, like they were on my own wedding, but I am doing my best to capture all important events, the atmosphere and mood of the special day. And because my wedding album is still a beautiful memory for me, I prepare the photos with full care so that my customers would be happy to open theirs.

I also occasionaly shoot event photography mostly on social events and concerts. I really like shooting small music club concerts, because they have an atmosphere which is very special for my introvert nature. Very similar are opening events, company parties or charitable events.

Ahoj Tomáši, moc moc děkuji za fotky k výběru. Krásná práce. Je to ale Sophiina volba. Dej mi, prosím, ještě jeden večer.

Vláďa - Portrét

Moc příjemný..dobra práce ;-)

Petra - Svatba

Moc děkujeme za krásné fotky, rychlé zpracování a skvělou spolupráci. Fotka zaměstnanců naší společnosti se opravdu povedla a máme konečně perfektní obrázek pro naše interní účely.

Lucie - Business portrét - skupina

Rodinám, které se Vánočního večírku účastnily udělaly fotky velkou radost. Momentky jsou moc krásné, ostré a, dle mého názoru, i umělecky zajímavé.

Lucie - Firemní večírek s fotokoutkem