Portrait photography

I am focused on portrait photography. Most of all I like to work with the customer so that I can capture the charater of the portrayed person. This is why I like to shoot clean strong photographs where the person is literally looking out of the picture. I do not need dramatic props, weird poses and complicated retouching. I focus on the portrayed person. I like this style as it is fit for both business and personal use and I believe you will like it too.

Having a decent portrait is not an obsolete habit of our gradmas. Event today it is worth having a decent professionally made portrait. A nice photograph may be the edge that helps you to find new business, land in your dream job or find a love of your live. And if neither of this worked it can at least make you happy.

I have my studios in Kladno and Prague, but I often use my mobile studio and shoot the portraits in customer's own locations. Based on weather and location I also like to portrait people outside. External shooting can be disturbed by a weather change, but when it goes well the photos are really stunning.

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